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The Difference Between Live Resin and THC Distillate

Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge and understanding of different concentrates? Have you ever wondered about the differences between live resin and THC distillate? You don't have to search very far! DACUT, a leading authority on all things cannabis in Detroit and Flint, MI, is here to dive into the key differences between these two popular concentrates.

While both live resin and THC distillate are popular choices among cannabis consumers, they have some key differences that set them apart. Live resin is known for its unique flavor and aroma, while THC distillate is prized for its purity and versatility. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference and intended use.

By the end of this article, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So let's dive in and explore the unique characteristics of live resin and THC distillate – the ultimate choice is up to you!

What is Distillate?

Distillate is a cannabis concentrate produced when a cannabinoid, like THC, is isolated from the plant compound. It is a refined and potent cannabinoid oil extracted from dried, cured cannabis. The distillation process involves using intense heat that separates the cannabis in the oil to form a distillate.

Distillate is a popular cannabis concentrate thanks to its versatility and high potency. THC distillate is often referred to as liquid gold or pure THC because it has nearly 100% cannabinoid content. Moreover, it is void of other cannabis compounds like terpenes and flavonoids, but this can change if it is altered during its production.

Although distillate is highly potent, it can lack the potential therapeutic benefits of terpene and flavonoids, and this is one of the live resin vs. distillate differences. Distillate appears translucent but does not have a strong taste, smell, and flavor, which makes it an ideal base for vape cartridges.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate known to be fresh, solid, and of great taste. It contains potentially therapeutic flavorful terpenes and flavonoids and is extracted from frozen marijuana plants and compounds. Its appearance and aroma vary depending on the cannabis strain, and it maintains a golden color and aromatic herbal traits.

Live Resin Vs. Distillate: What are the Differences?

Live resin and THC distillate are two popular forms of cannabis concentrates that have some notable differences. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision about which product is right for you. While both are known for their high potency, they differ in their production methods, chemical makeup, and potential uses. Let's dive deeper.

• The Extraction Process

The extraction process is the primary live resin v.s. distillate difference. Both can be made on the same extraction machinery but have varying post-extraction approaches. Live resin is derived from frozen cannabis, while distillate is made from dried and cured cannabis using intense heat.

The extraction of live resin uses a solvent to separate CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, resulting in an oil-like extract. The solvent is removed from the extract with a vacuum oven or a desiccator with a vacuum pump. However, safety is paramount since most solvents are highly flammable.

Distillate vs. oil, what are the extraction differences? The extraction of distillate is performed post-extraction. It involves heating the oil extract into vapor and collecting CBD and THC compounds at boiling point. The CBD and THC are then re-condensed into liquid form to form a more concentrated substance.

• Terpene Content

Live resin maintains a higher percentage of terpenes content than distillate. Terpene is responsible for the smell and taste of cannabis plant strains. It is found in various combinations and partners with cannabinoids and flavonoids to produce a full spectrum of mind and body-enhancing results. However, it is not psychoactive but essential for the overall outcome.

The purpose of live resin is to keep 100% of the terpenes intact; however, with distillates, to have a significant amount of pure cannabinoids - one must remove as many impurities as possible.

• The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is the harmonious impact of the combined aspects of the natural plant substances. It works better when many cannabinoids and terpenes are combined.

Live resin is a full-spectrum, containing all terpenes and cannabinoids offered by specific strains, like THC.

However, distillate is a broad spectrum composed of specific cannabinoids. They prioritize a more robust, pure concentrate, which makes the final product less flavorful. Therefore, distillate would be ideal if you are looking for a more potent concentrate.

• The Smoking Experience

The smoking experience varies between the two. Live resin offers a vibrant and juicy smoke full of smell and taste. Similarly, distillate is a little more discreet but results in a more potent high due to its higher THC concentration.

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